Korean Teen Reveals Her Plan To Get Married To An Idol

On a popular Korean website, a fan’s post about her ambitious plans to get married to an idol group member is going viral. The fan dreams of starting a relationship with one of her favorite idols simply by finding a way to put herself in an environment where she could be physically close to idols.

“I think I am a bit crazy, but my dream is to get married to an idol.

This is something I have been thinking about since I was in the 7th grade, and people usually come to their senses as they get older. For me, it’s getting worse as I get older. Even when I look in the mirror, I feel like I could be able to make it happen, if I study a bit harder. Hehe…this is me: my dream is to be able to get a job at a broadcasting company. Please wake me up from my dreams guys!

— An anonoymous fan

Instead of dismissing her dreams and plans, other netizens actually came forward and shared their true feelings about their own plans to become closer to their idols too.

“I even think about becoming an idol just to date other idol group members, or have a secret relationship with a celebrity when I am not working for the industry.”

“Don’t you wonder whom your favorite idol will marry one day? If I ever marry my favorite idol, I will carry him on my back and walk around the village on daily basis.”

“I am so relieved that I am not the only one who thinks that… phew!”

“I am studying very hard in the hopes of marrying BTS’s RM one day. My English and Korean Literature marks are always ‘A’s as a result, but my mathematics mark is horrible still…”

“I even once thought about applying for a janitorial job at the broadcasting companies, so I could run into my favorite group.”

“Reading your post is like looking at me a few years ago. Right now, I work for the company my favorite idol is signed with, and I am so happy every day!”

If you think about it, all your favorite K-Pop idols were once trainees and aspiring wannabes at one point in their lives, so dream big guys!

For some fans, the dreams of getting up close and personal with their favorite celebrity may seem plausible. // Image Source: CNN
Source: Pann