Korean Teen Reveals Step-by-Step Process Of Her Own Double Eyelid Surgery

She took pictures every day for 10 days after getting the surgery.

A Korean teen released the step-by-step process of her double eyelid surgery to an online community, and the post currently has over 150,000 hits!

The photo shows her eye before the surgery, right after the surgery, and then the healing process which only took 10 days to heal well.

The responses to her surgery and healing process were relatively positive.

“You should do a deep bow in the direction of wherever your surgeon is.” 

“Wah, only ten days passed by but the swelling went down so fast…even where the incision was…it’s amazing, it turned out so well”

“When you get married, you must tell your partner about this” 

“Wah f*ck, it’s like you were re-born. Congrats” 

“When you got it done, how did you ask for the incision line to be drawn?” 

“Please let me know which eyelid surgery hospital you went to ㅠㅠ”

— Netizens on OP’s eyelid surgery process 


Source: Nate Pann