Korean Teen Reveals Why Highschoolers Have Such High Suicide Rates

Their entire day is filled up with books, books and more books.

With all of the stress and burden put on high school students, it’s no wonder they have such a high suicide rate.


One student realized in middle school exactly how high school students feel. Before they even entered high school, they already feel the pressure to perform well academically.

“In middle school, it doesn’t matter which school you attended, you’d still think about suicide. You wake up at 6am, wash up and then ride the bus for an hour to get to school. At school, you study and maybe take a break. Then you go to a hagwon and once you get home it’s already midnight. But then you realize you have 3 more years of this.”


This student isn’t even in high school yet and is already feeling like they will get depression upon going.

“I really think I will get depression when I go to high school. How difficult is it for everyone? We’re still young children but why is are our lives laid out like this?



Home for many students is just a place to cry and try and catch some rest before going back to the grind the next day.

“When I go home, I really just want to cry. Of course there are kids who are stronger than me out there, but I think life is just really sad. I just want a break…”

Source: Nate Pann