This Korean Teen Has A Simple Hack For Finishing Her Makeup Routine In 60 Seconds

It’s simply incredible.

Meet Bada Lee. She is a high school student whose mother doesn’t allow her to wear makeup. Her mom even checks on Bada every morning to make sure she has no makeup on.


Bada believes, however, that in the 21st century, it is respectful and courteous to apply make-up every day.


She is so determined to look her best, that she has mastered the art of putting on her makeup in a short elevator ride from the 4th floor of her apartment complex!


Bada manages to put on eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadow in a matter of seconds… in a moving elevator, away from her mother’s eyes!


As soon as her mother steps inside their apartment, Bada doesn’t skip a beat before she starts applying her mascara and lipstick.


By the time the elevator touches down, she steps out of the elevator like a boss.


After a few touch-ups, Bada is ready to go to school and hit the books in style. Her parents are none the wiser!