We Asked Korean Teens To Reveal Their Flirting Secrets…And This Is What They Had To Say

Can males and females just be friends?

How a person flirts and dates is a very personal experience, but participants in the latest episode of the Korean Answer series were asked to reveal everything about their experiences.


As expected, the topic was a bit embarrassing for the teens to talk about at first.


But after a few beats, they opened up and revealed their flirting secrets!


And revealed just how successful the techniques they’ve used in the past have been.


The teens also tackled the question that’s almost impossible to answer; is it possible for males and females to just be friends? And they had a lot to say on the topic.


Participants also took a look at the tentative period between just hanging out and actually starting a relationship, otherwise known as a “some.”


Find out what other tips and tricks they had to offer on the subject of flirting and dating by watching the full video below: