Korean Teens Reveal The Secret To Getting Rid Of Your Double Chin

Because nobody wants to see that.

Korean teens say the secret method to removing double chins is in posture correction, but it involves some practice to get it right.


A teen posted that she struggled with her double chin, until she used the same method that actresses such as Kang So Ra have used.


It involves making sure your back is perfectly straight, your shoulders back and stomach in, chest straight with your elbows as far back as possible

“Stand with your back to the wall. Pull your stomach in, stretch your shoulders as far as you can and keep your elbows against the wall. Make sure your heels are right against the wall. Stay against the wall and look towards your chin. You can correct your double chin with five minutes standing in this position.”


It takes some practice to get it right, and she suggests standing against a wall first to get the stance right before trying it while walking.


Of course, dieting is also required. But if you combine dieting with this method, it is sure to boost your confidence.

Source: Nate Pann
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