This Korean Toddler Is Being Called Korea’s Little Mozart

A 4-year-old toddler in Korea has been named a boy genius for his incredibly high IQ and unbelievable level of skill in music composition and math.

On SBS’s educational documentary program, Einstein, 4-year-old toddler Baek Kang Hyun has been nicknamed “Korea’s Little Mozart” for his amazing ability to write and compose music.

According to his parents, Baek Kang Hyun never learned how to write music scores, but simply tried writing it on his own after learning the piano for a little under three months.

Professionals decided to analyze how he was capable of writing and composing his own music scores at such an early age and, according to various tests, found that he has perfect pitch.

In one test, a pianist played a short melody for Kang Hyun, and he was asked to play it back for them on the piano and write down the notes he had heard. Kang Hyun was able to complete this task flawlessly.

His talents don’t stop there. Not only does he compose his own songs, he also writes his own poems, and even knows how to solve quadratic equations in mathematics.

He even went up against 9th graders in Korea and solved the test questions in 20 minutes while other students couldn’t even finish the test.

The results of the tests showed his mathematical skills helped him learn how to write music correctly and allocate the correct chords to each note.

Results also showed that Baek Kang Hyun has an IQ of 164, one that is seen most often in Nobel Prize Winners and other geniuses.

People are excited to see just how much of a talented individual Kang Hyun will grow up to be.

Source: BadaTV