Korean Transsexuals React to Hate Comments

In today’s world there are still some people with conflicting opinions when it comes to transsexuals, and these three women and AfreecaTV stars are showing how comfortable they are as they react to hate comments left by “keyboard warriors.”

Via Kream Kulture‘s YouTube channel, the three introduce themselves to viewers as transsexuals (I Love Pani, KimHi, Charming) before turning to the laptop before them and reading comments netizens had left for them.

One commentor wrote, “Is the fat lady a man,” prompting KimHi to exclaim, “I am a lady~~ We are ladies!” and another wrote, “The girl with the fat face, she is annoying to me.” Easily brushing it off, KimHi coolly says, “Well, I have an adorable face you know. You’ll get used to it and you won’t be annoyed to it in the end.”

After reading the comments, they sang to various hit K-Pop girl group songs such as Lovelyz‘ “Ah-Choo,” Produce 101‘s “Pick Me” and G-Friend‘s “Rough.”

Watch their reactions below: