Korean Truck Driver Saves Countless Lives With His Amazing Driving

A Korean truck driver showcased his phenomenal driving skills by narrowly avoiding a potentially fatal car crash.

This heart-stopping video has recently gone viral online as people all over the world were shocked to see this truck driver dodge a seriously dangerous situation. The incident took place on a freeway in South Korea and is definitely a nerve-wracking scene to watch. Luckily, the truck driver managed to avoid a total disaster. He definitely deserves a huge amount of praise for his impressive skills.

In the clip, captured from the dashboard of another car, the truck swerved into two different lanes while balancing at a 45° angle. This took place as the vehicle was surrounded by other cars, that seemed to have been speeding away from the truck. The truck continued to drive through three lanes only on its side wheels until it eventually landed perfectly and safely on all wheels.

Check out this impressive maneuver below! 

고속도로 급제동, 이렇게 위험합니다

Posted by YTN on Sunday, February 19, 2017

Had the truck driver not managed to balance the truck and then land it back on the ground safely, it could have been a devastating and possibly fatal scene. Despite the size of the vehicle, the driver handled the situation perfectly and proved that his driving skills are outstanding.

Source: YTN