Korean Woman Begs Netizens For Help After Suffering Through Her Boyfriend’s Aegyo

It’s seriously stressing her out!

We might love it when our favorite idol puts on the cute act and blesses us all with some of their unique aegyo, but how would you feel if your significant other started doing aegyo? Would you love it as much as when your bias does it, or would it be a complete turn off?


For one Korean woman, her boyfriend’s sudden use of aegyo made her completely stressed prompting her to seek the advice of netizens.

“Hello, I’m a woman in my early 30s. I’m getting stressed out a lot nowadays so I want some advice.”


She started asking for help by first explaining just how deep their connection is and why she’s worried about this new development in his personality.

“To put it simply, my boyfriend and I have been going out for 5 months and are getting married next month. We were friends for 8 years before dating and we had a lot in common so we naturally hung out and started dating.”


She also explained just how comfortable being with him makes her feel.

“He was always very understanding of the difficulties I had with my family and was very kind. I don’t mind going makeup free when I’m with him and we’re comfortable with each other. We aren’t a lovey-dovey couple but when we are together, it was very comfortable. All in all, I think he’s a good boyfriend.”


Which is why she’s having such a hard time with coming to terms with his cute act.

“But recently something happened. My boyfriend started doing aeygo. You might think ‘what’s the big fuss about something so trivial?’ but I seriously hate it when guys do aegyo.”


While she doesn’t mind it to a certain degree, there’s one thing in particular that she can’t stand…and her boyfriend does it!

“I especially hate those fake lisp sounds when they call you ‘honey~~ honey~~’ and that’s what my boyfriend does! Seriously, it’s not like these idols you fangirl on that makes you think they’re cute. It’s just something that I can’t bring myself to look at.”


Although she can’t stand looking at him doing his version of aegyo she does make it clear that it’s not because he’s unattractive when he does it, it’s just that she really doesn’t like it.

“It’s not that he looks ugly or that he doesn’t suit aegyo. There have even been a few times when he actually looks really cute doing it. But all those times are when he does something by accident and without thinking. Whenever he purposefully does aegyo, it’s just such a turn-off!”


But it’s not just the fact that he does aegyo whenever, he’s also taken up doing it when he’s drunk and she is not happy about it.

“Also I’m not someone who drinks so when other people get drunk it kind of annoys me. My boyfriend especially because he knows that I don’t like it when people call me while drunk and he starts saying all sorts of gibberish while trying to act cute.”


She’s tried talking to him about this single issue before with some not so great results.

“I tried begging him to stop doing that but he started being all sad. He said he just wanted to hear my voice so he called me.”


This coupled with his out of the blue aegyo have got her completely stressed out.

“Whenever he starts doing aegyo now, I seriously just want to shout at him to stop. I can’t bear it anymore but I don’t want to get into a fight with him.”


Even though she kind of knew what she should do, she still couldn’t decide how to go about doing it and asked the internet for help.

“I know I’m being too serious about something that isn’t a big deal but no matter how I think about it I just think that I’ll explode if I keep enduring it. How can I tell him without him being sad?”


Many netizens seemed to understand where she was coming from…

  • “Seriously repulsive. I used to date this guy who would sometimes start twisting his body and go ‘aaanggg~’. Seriously, even thinking about it while sleeping makes me annoyed so I just wake up right away. I still regret those days now.”

  • “Whether it’s men or women, aegyo is only good when done in moderation. It’s a turn off when it’s done excessively.”


While others offered some insights into the relationship.

  • “I think that it’s not that you don’t like aegyo, but that you just don’t like your boyfriend that much? So that’s why you hate things like aegyo.”

  • “I don’t think that you guys are a match. Looks like your boyfriend uses aegyo as a way to express himself, such as doing aegyo when he’s drunk. But when he uses aegyo, you tell him to stop so he gets frustrated because you’re not letting him express his emotions. I just don’t think that you guys are a match.”


And one person offered up one way very sweet way to get the message across without ruining their relationship forever.

  • “You have to make sure to tell him that you like him but that you really hate people who do aegyo. It’s not that you hate him, you hate ‘aegyo’. Is there something that he hates but that other people like? For example, maybe he hates cucumbers, but others are fine with it. You have to tell him in this way. I think that you telling that you like other things about him but aegyo will help.”

Source: Pann Nate