Korean Woman Mysteriously Disappears After Heroically Saving The Life Of A 70 Year-Old Man

A woman showed up to save the life of an elderly man who fell down the stairs, only to mysteriously disappear shortly after treating him.

Channel A released a video about a mysterious woman, who is now being dubbed the “faceless angel”, who treated a 70-year-old man after he lost consciousness, fell down a flight of stairs and started bleeding after hitting his head on the floor.

The woman was seen bandaging the man’s head to help stop the bleeding and even wiped up his blood stains from the floor. She also made sure that there were no other potential areas of injury, checking his neck, arms, and abdomen.

Once the paramedics arrived, she quietly disappeared. Her quick action helped restore the elderly man to a stable state, where he was then able to receive treatment at the hospital.

Watch the video about the “faceless angel” below.

Source: Insight