Korean Woman Reveals Her Friend Of 18 Years Tried To Sleep With Her Husband

Three’s a crowd.

A Korean woman, known only as Ms. A, has revealed a personal story about how her friend, Ms. B,  tried to sleep with her husband. Ms. A is married and has a young son, whom Ms. B always compliments.

On February 2, Ms. B told Ms. A that she ended work early, and would like to come over to her house to see her son. Ms. A happily obliged to have her friend over. After spending the afternoon together, Ms. A, Ms. B, and Ms. A’s husband had a few drinks together. They ended up drinking 7 bottles of soju between the 3 of them.

“My husband and I were both tipsy but Ms. B did not seem drunk.”

— Mrs. A

After drinking, Ms. A and her husband headed to bed. Ms. B was staying in a guest room in the house. Ms. A then said she suddenly heard footsteps coming into their room.

“I never thought it would be my friend coming in. I thought it was one of those times my child would come and want to sleep with his parents.”

— Mrs. A

Ms. A’s husband suddenly sat up and screamed after seeing Ms. B laying down next to him. After asking Ms. B what she was doing, she gave an excuse saying she thought it was her boyfriend..

“I thought it was my boyfriend. My mistake.”

— Ms. B

Wondering why Ms. B’s boyfriend would be in her house in the first place, Ms. A didn’t buy her friend’s story. The next day, Ms. B tried to talk it over with Ms. A but she kept reiterating that what Ms. B did was completely inappropriate. Ms. B eventually got tired of trying to explain herself and snapped.

“Fine, if you want to be like this, go ahead. Why are you acting like this when it’s not a big deal? Didn’t I say I was sorry?”

— Ms. B

Needless to say, the friendship between the two ladies did not end well. Ms. A ended the relationship after sending this text to Ms. B.

“You said you were sorry so you think this is over now? I’d prefer if you don’t contact me ever again, I mean it.”

— Ms. A