Korean Woman’s Newlywed Life is Ruined by Her Husband’s Cooking and Netizens’ Responses are Hilarious

“The author is so nice. I would have gone mad.”

A Korean woman posted online about her struggles as a newlywed and the internet hilariously responded. Despite her love for her husband, there’s one force of evil that’s making it hard for her to keep the peace: her husband’s terrible cooking.


Using an alias, Gamjatangsaengak, she explained that her husband got really into watching cooking shows on television and trying out adventurous, nay, experimental recipes at home. She detailed a few of her husband’s recipes that seem like something out of a horror movie:

“He once tried making seaweed soup with oyster sauce. You know how Vietnamese cuisine uses a lot of mint? He saw something like that on TV and decided to make bulgogi with peppermint candy. […] He put caramel sauce in soy marinated raw crabs!”

— Gamjatangsaengak


She went on to say that she begins work earlier and finishes later than her husband, making it natural for him to cook both breakfast and dinner. She wrote about how she has to resort to claiming to be on a diet to skip dinner and binge eating at lunchtime. She tried to persuade her husband to take cooking lessons to no avail.

“I told him that I like his cooking but that he should maybe get a certificate for Korean cuisine or Western cuisine, but he insists that he can teach himself. He thinks his food is delicious. He says that he doesn’t like traditional recipes and likes creative, new ones.”

— Gamjatangsaengak


Netizens were quick to respond with like-minded stories, detailing the difficulties of telling your loved ones that their cooking, frankly, sucks.

“I’m curious. Does he eat the food he cooked?”

— Anonymous Netizen


One suggested that the author be suddenly “addicted” to “sesame seed oil + soy sauce rice”, referring to a famous online story where a woman complained that her husband only likes “sesame seed oil + soy sauce rice”, not having the guts to question whether he hates her cooking:

Online Story: My husband only eats sesame seed oil + soy sauce rice. I made spaghetti and tteok-bokki the other day, but he eats rice seasoned with sesame seed oil and soy sauce. I made him a stew and he ate it with the same rice. He ate it three times today. Do you think he has some kind of an addiction?”


Some were amazed at the author’s kindness of not going crazy.

“The author is so nice. I would have gone mad. If, for instance, someone makes a bad kimchi stew, I can still eat it. But if someone puts something weird in my food, I’d be so angry. It’s no different from playing with yout food.”

— Anonymous Netizen


At the moment, the author’s mental and physical health, despite the possibility of malnutrition, remains intact. However, it’s clear to both Korean netizens and the author herself, sooner or later something’s going to have to give.


Source: Nate Pann Talk