Korean Woman Goes Viral For Her Resemblance To “Itaewon Class” Actress Kim Da Mi

Whoa, they could be twins 😱

A Korean woman has started to make headlines for her insane visuals and resemblance to top actress, Kim Da Mi.

Actress Kim Da Mi | ANDMARQ

Television personality Tak Jae Hoon‘s YouTube show, Eulji-Ro Boss Tak is making headlines for their most recent episode. The show goes around finding civilians who have products or something they wish to advertise but don’t have the audience to do so. Tak Jae Hoon provides these clients with his YouTube channel audience, as well as his status as a veteran entertainer. One of the episodes featured a duo who had an anti-hair loss product that they wanted to market.

While the episode began making headlines, it wasn’t because of the product. The female client, named Ahn Ro Sa, who was featured on the show garnered heavy interest from the public due to her beautiful visuals, as well as her resemblance to Itaewon Class actress Kim Da Mi.

Ahn Ro Sa | YouTube

The 24-year-old’s gorgeous visuals couldn’t help but be pointed out on the show by Tak Jae Hoon himself. The television personality told Ahn Ro Sa, “If this makes it onto broadcast, I think your popularity will go through the roof.”

| YouTube

She captivated the viewers with her unique charms, showing off numerous talents such as the imitation of the adorable League of Legends character, Teemo.

Ahn So Ra imitating Teemo | YouTube

Viewers of this episode couldn’t help but be floored by her visuals, commenting on her beauty. Some of the viewers even compared her looks to that of actress Kim Da Mi.

| YouTube
  • “Wow…she’s prettier than most celebrities”
  • “I would believe it if Ahn Ro Sa-nim introduced herself as a rookie actress. She’s really pretty. She looks like Kim Da Mi, but she’s prettier.”
  • “She’s so cute, is she even real.”
  • “Instead of a celebrity, they should use Ahn Ro Sa-nim as the product’s model…she’s so pretty.”
  • “I think she’s the prettiest client I’ve ever seen. Holy crap.”
Caption: “Isn’t she so pretty? Isn’t she so sweet?” | YouTube

What do you all think? Do you think she looks like Kim Da Mi? You can watch the full episode down below and decide for yourself.

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