These Korean YouTube Channels Exploded In Popularity This Year

YouTube recently released a list of the fastest growing Korean YouTube channels, which featured prominent K-Pop groups and one surprise.

The results announced the fastest growing channels from Korea over the last year and show just how quickly K-Pop is growing across the globe. While the year was full of record-breaking MVs, the biggest Korean YouTube success story came seemingly out of nowhere.

1. 1Million Dance Studio

1Million Dance Studio is a dance group based in Seoul that creates original dance videos for popular K-Pop and American songs. The channel began the year with a little over 800,000 subscribers, but it has been quickly gaining popularity ever since and will end 2016 just short of 4 000 000 fans. This surge in viewers has pushed the dance troupe into the top 10 most popular South Korean channels in just one year.

2. SMTown

K-Pop giant, SMTown, was the second fastest growing channel this year, adding 2 000 000 new subscribers to their already huge fan base. SM Entertainment is one of K-Pop’s most recognizable names and, with groups like EXO, SHINee, and Girls’ Generation being just a small sample of the artists appearing on this channel, it’s no surprise that they have attracted so many new fans. SMTown is currently the biggest Korean YouTube channel with over 9 500 000 subscribers.

3. 1theK

1theK is another massive name in the K-Pop world and, just like SMTown, it continues to grow each year. 2016 saw 1 920 000 new fans flock to the channel. 1theK falls under the banner of Loen Entertainment and hosts all kinds of K-Pop content including MVs, interviews, and live events.


YG Entertainment rookies, BLACKPINK , also made the list, amassing a whopping 1 760 000 subscribers in just 5 months! The group exploded onto the scene with their debut album Square One that was released on August 8th.

5. BigHit Entertainment

BigHit Entertainment started the year with around 600,000 subscribers but finishes it just shy of 2,250,000. The YouTube channel’s rise in popularity was no doubt driven by the success of BTS this year, whose “Blood Sweat & Tears” MV broke records after its release in October.

BANGTANTV, BIGBANG, and JYP  were also recognized by YouTube for seeing more than 1,000,000 new subscribers this year.

Source: eMoneyNews [1], SocialBlade