Famous Korean YouTuber Unintentionally Reveals Her Boyfriend by Wearing Reflective Sunglasses

She addressed the “problematic photo” in a recent vlog.

Famous Korean YouTuber and fashion mall CEO, Haneul recently uploaded a new video to talk about the “problematic photo” that caused a stir on her official Instagram account.

The photo that she shared showed Haneul posing with her sunglasses on, and a man’s silhouette was spotted on her reflective lenses which made many fans speculate that she went to Bali with her boyfriend.

In response to the speculations, Haneul confessed, “I actually confessed one time that I do have a boyfriend on a live broadcast. You’re right. The man in my sunglasses is my boyfriend.

She also added, “I’m not capable of lying. I was actually going to reveal it myself on YouTube, but I missed the right timing.

Haneul then shared some details about her boyfriend by saying, “My boyfriend is the total opposite of me. He doesn’t talk when I turn on the camera. So we’re probably not going to do any kind of vlog together.

Source: Insight