This Korean YouTuber is capable of transforming herself into different idols

Korean YouTuber LUNAMOON is going viral for her ability to make herself look like various male K-Pop idols.

Popular Korean YouTuber LUNAMOON has been racking up a massive subscriber base with her incredible makeup transformations into different members of idol groups, such as BTS, EXO, SEVENTEEN, and GOT7.

Male idols’ makeup has become more complex and difficult to replicate than in the past, so LUNAMOON shows you just how to do it. In her transformation tutorials, she applies eye makeup and wears a mask or cuts out the bottom half of her face to show you her eyes and eyebrows up close. The results of her makeup transformation are astounding as you could almost believe you were looking directly at one of the idols themselves.

Check out some of her best transformations below: 


EXO’s D.O.

BTS’s Rap Monster


BTS’s Jimin

Source: Pann