Korean Youtuber Is Under Fire For Eating Escargots In Front Of Living Snails

Netizens are calling it disgusting.

A Korean Youtuber is currently under fire for eating escargots in front of living snails. Escargots are a French delicacy consisting of edible land snails.

The video the Youtuber posted was a mukbang, which is where a host eats food in front of a camera while interacting with viewers.

A netizen explained the video in her online account.

Before starting her mukbang, she said that she would wake the escargots up and gave them water (the ones on the cutting board were cooked and the ones around it were alive). And then she suddenly grabbed an escargot and made it greet the viewers.

– Korean Netizen


The Youtuber reportedly did not stop touching the escargots and playing with them until she started eating them one by one, all while the living snails were in front of the board.

Korean netizens expressed their disapproval and discomfort over the video.

If that’s not taking life for granted then what would be…By the way, this person previously got into controversies while eating raw liver, live octopus and pig brains ㅇㅇ

– Korean Netizen

There are too many attention-seeking YouTubers.

– Korean Netizen

Other netizens, however, see nothing wrong with the video.

What’s really wrong with that? Snails don’t have a brain – they have no emotions.

– Korean Netizen

What do you think of this controversy?

Source: Nate