Korean Youtuber Goes And Gets K-Pop Idol Makeup

“I’m just not going to wash my face for a week.”

Korean YouTuber ddimmi visited a hair and make-up studio called “Haut Beaute” in the rich neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong. She had one mission: to get glammed up like a K-Pop idol!


Ddimmi received countless requests from her viewers to change the way she wears her make-up or to have it done by a professional, which is why she decided to try out the studio.


Ddimmi’s around-the-studio tour showed the clean, spacious studio where high profile clients like models, actors, idols, and even other YouTubers receive make-up and hair services.


With the help of the vice-director of the studio, ddimmi received a full K-Pop idol make-up and hair routine that turned her into someone completely new!

“Let’s see if it will be possible for ddimmi to become a pretty ddimmi today.” — ddimmi


First, she went through the basics, such as base coverage, eyebrow shaping, and eyeliner application.


Then ddimmi got some colors on her face, like eye shadow, contour, blusher, and lip color.


Finally, ddimmi went through the last stage of her transformation by getting her hair blown out.


The YouTuber was amazed by how different she looked!

“I want to keep this face forever. I’m just not going to wash my face or wash my hair for a week.” — ddimmi


Fans were also truly amazed by ddimmi’s transformation and commented that her new look suits her very well.


Watch YouTuber ddimmi get a full on K-Pop idol style makeover here:

Source: Dispatch