Korean Youtuber Sings BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” In G-Dragon’s Voice

This Korean YouTuber’s spot on impersonation of G-Dragon and The Quiett is currently going viral with his own hilarious lyrics along to BLACKPINK‘s “Boombayah”.

Korean YouTuber, Dragon Lake, posted a video of himself singing BLACKPINK’s hit debut song “Boombayah” with the voice of popular Korean rapper The Quiett and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, and the similarity in the voices are uncanny.

The man first explains he made the video because his father wanted him to audition for YG Entertainment as they were recruiting at the moment. In order to apply for an audition spot, he was required to upload a portfolio video; therefore, Dragon Lake created this parody video of “Boombayah” sung in the style of the two Korean hip-hop artists.

Dragon Lake recreates G-Dragon’s laid back and nasal tone, even matching his chic hand gestures and facial expressions. To emphasize that this video was a parody, Dragon Lake also exaggerated G-Dragon’s tendencies to slur his pronunciation and soften the harsh sounds of the Korean language to make it sound closer to English.

The YouTuber also raps with The Quiett’s distinct voice and urban trap rapping style, and holds up the Illionaire sign several times, as The Quiett is the co-CEO of the hip hop label, Illionaire Records.

However what really caught the attention of Korean fans was his own witty lyrics to the song, where he made references to G-Dragon’s rumored girlfriend, Nana Komatsu. As for his lyrics in The Quiett’s part, he raps about how Dragon Lake is actually a fan of Illionaire (to which he immediately denies to add to the humor of the video).

Check out the parody video here!