Korean Youtuber Shares Unique Secrets To Losing 10kg In Under 6 Months

These are actually useful tips!

A Korean Youtuber has shared the incredible methods she used to lose a minimum of 10kg in 6 months. At her heaviest, she weighed 65kg, and at her lightest, she weighed 48kg.

On March 1, she posted a video detailing her weight loss journey.

I am 160cm tall and I now weigh 52kg. I started my diet on August and ended 6 months later.

Her first recommendation was to cook delicious food so as to reduce the chances of eating “cheat meals”. Her unique diet recipe was sandwiches wrapped with lettuce instead of bread.

She eased herself into the diet by firstly switching white rice for brown rice, which is a healthier alternative.

Whenever she craved for sweets but did not want to eat fruits, she whipped out an all-natural, low calorie jam.

As for exercise, she spent 30 minutes everyday doing cardio and 1 hour on increasing her muscle strength.

Finally, her secret to exercising comfortably when she’s on her period? Specially made exercise underwear.

Watch the entire video below for a more detailed explanation of her diet.