Koreans Answer Whether K-Pop Idols Should Face Consequences For Past Bullying

Lots of mixed opinions.

Past bullying scandals are one of the worst scandals that can happen to an idol, as it can harm an idol’s image greatly. Some idols that have been accused of past bullying are Jannabi‘s Yoo Young Hyun, and Hyolyn.

Yoo Young Hyun (Right)


A YouTube channel by the name of “Asian Boss” interviewed Koreans of their opinions on the matter. Many thought that the idols should be punished for their past bullying, as it’s not right for them to be living so freely as a celebrity.

If one member of the group is accused of a bullying scandal, then the other members will start getting “punished” as well. This can cause the whole group’s image to tarnish.

Not everyone thought this negatively of past bullying scandals, as some interviewees thought the act can be forgiven. If the idol reflected on their actions and apologized to the victims, then they thought that they should be forgiven.

Some interviewees thought that a bullying scandal is separate from their music, so it shouldn’t drastically affect them as artists.

There were also some mixed opinions on the victims coming forward when the idol is famous.

Many of the interviewees acknowledge that nobody has a perfect past, so celebrities shouldn’t be held to such a high standard.

Yet, most acknowledged that a bullying scandal is a big deal and that they should apologize to the victims immediately.

Here is the full video below!