Koreans Bad Mouth Sulli’s Latest Pictures All Because This Part Of Her Dress

Sulli attended the Loewe event and Netizens had a lot to say about her choice of wardrobe.

She posed with a beautiful smile and her glowing beauty, but her dress was the show stopper of the night.

Despite the cold weather, she donned a dress bright pink dress that featured a uniquely cropped side.

It wasn’t the showing of her skin that the netizens were buzzing about, but it was the asymmetry of the dress.

[+4,085, -72] Is this a dress specifically for appendectomies?

[+2,241, -103] What kind of dress is this…

[+2,320, -326] She is disgustingly bad at dressing herself

[+1,785, -227] Total fail of styling… hair, make up, clothes, lens… none of it matches ㅠ

— Netizens from a Korean community site

The crop was decorated with a unique brown leather design with long strands of extra leather.

It seems as though whatever Sulli wears to an event, she becomes the talk of the town!

Sulli Turns Heads With This See-Through Dress

Source: TV Report