Koreans Can’t Believe That Baro Does This With His Sister

Dispatch released photos that showed how close the siblings were by spending a day with Baro and his sister.

Baro is feeding his younger sister spicy rice cakes.After seeing photos of Baro and I(Cha Yoon Jin) taking photos together doing things such as eating, stretching, and dancing, netizens discussed how impossibly close the two seemed.

Look at Baro squishing her cheeks!

In the photo, the two did look like they genuinely care for each other and have a great relationship. Most of the comments made on the original article agreed that most siblings aren’t this comfortable together!

Baro is making sure the spicy rice cake is not too hot!

This isn’t the first time Baro has shown love towards his sister in public. When she first made her solo debut Baro and his fellow B1A4 members all posted on Instagram to support her. I also had many compliments to give towards her brother as well!

They were so cute when they were both babies!

“It’s a fail ever since they decided eating out together”

— Korean Teenager #1

The two siblings stretch together.

“If my oppa is Baro then I believe it’s possible”

— Korean Teenager #2

I  trying to teach Baro her dance.

“If I saw that from across the street I would probably throw up..If he has the face of the guy in the photo then it’s possible. I imagined my own older brother’s face on him and now I really feel like throwing up ㅋㅋㅋ”

— Korean Teenager #3

Source: Dispatch and Pann

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