Koreans Can’t Decide If Ji Chang Wook Looks Better Before Or After Plastic Surgery

Ji Chang Wook pre-surgery is just as good looking as Ji Chang Wook post-surgery!

Actor Ji Chang Wook is as well known for his unrealistically good looks as he is for his amazing talent. Even after discovering his pre-plastic surgery photos, Koreans agree that he’s looked good all his life.


At the time of his debut in 2008, Ji Chang Wook already had a beautiful face that charmed Koreans immediately.


Ji Chang Wook had strong facial features, like his noticeably thick double eyelids and a prominent nose that set him apart.


In 2010, Ji Chang Wook played the nationally beloved role of the main character named Donghae in Smile Again – a role that still follows Ji Chang Wook today.

It became one of his most popular works.


Then in 2013, when Ji Chang Wook returned to screen in Empress Ki, Koreans realized something about his nose slightly changed. He had undergone plastic surgery to alter the shape of his nose.


Since then, Ji Chang Wook’s popularity skyrocketed even more. Fans liked how, with a pointier nose, the actor looks more fierce and charismatic.


In his recent roles such as Suspicious Partner and Fabricated City, Ji Chang Wook showed off his talent and visual that captivated fans.


Celebrities around the world are also in love with Ji Chang Wook’s gorgeousness that they can’t keep their eyes off the actor!


While there is no official statement from the actor confirming he got his nose done, Ji Chang Wook mentioned plastic surgery in several instances. Back in 2012, during a TV interview, Ji Chang Wook discussed why doctors had advised against it.

“I went to see a plastic surgeon because I wanted to get my nose done. I went for a consultation. The doctor kept telling me that if I got my nose done, I would look awkward. So I got scared and left.” — Ji Chang Wook


Later in 2017, Ji Chang Wook proudly shared his favorite features about himself: his signature eyelids and wide set shoulders.

“For my shoulders, I was born with a wide frame. I thank my parents for that. You’ll have to see a plastic surgeon to get eyelids like mine… but I don’t think even a doctor could give you these.” — Ji Chang Wook


Whether he received plastic surgery or not, fans in Korea – and all around the world – simply adore his face.


Basically, Ji Chang Wook looked good since he was born and even up to now!

Source: yomiyomiyomi, Dispatch and Sports Seoul