Koreans claim these 2 hairstyles make girls look ‘innocent’

These are the two looks Korean’s claim give idols a young, chic, innocent appearance.

K-Pop idols are known for their over the top hairstyles and colors. Styles can range from short bobs to long waist-length extensions with any number of colors of the rainbow.

Koreans are claiming, however, that having a hairstyle that is black and parted in the middle are the best looks for maintaining an innocent and chic image.

These idols have sported the look, and the evidence seems true.

f(x) – Krystal

Her long hair and middle part make her face softer looking, but the slight wave keeps it sleek and modern.

Red Velvet – Irene

Irene’s dark locks make her glow.

EXID – Hani

Hani’s bob and middle part make her look like a doll!

Girls’ Generation – Seohyun

Seohyun looks so carefree with her long wavy black locks.

AOA – Seolhyun

She looks so innocent with this style.

Girl’s Day – Yura

Yura looks amazing with straight black hair.

Cosmic Girls – Seola

Seola’s dark hair and bangs make the 94-liner appear years younger.


Eunha’s middle-parted bob with bangs make her eyes look bigger and more innocent!

Lovelyz – Yein

Yein’s silver-black hair and middle part make her look sophisticated and innocent!

Source: Dispatch