Koreans Claim BTS’s RM Has Gotten Even More Attractive After Seeing This Video Of Him Backstage

BTS’s RM walked by… and Koreans collectively gasped.

A clip of BTS‘s RM walking backstage at the 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards has Koreans surprised at how handsome and idol-like he really is.

An online community post exclaimed that RM’s aura shocked the original poster, because they never considered RM to be a visual member – but the clip changed their mind!

This was taken during Soribada backstage… I never thought of anything about his visuals but I was shocked when I saw that clip…. Seriously, he’s definitely handsome. He’s definitely a celebrity… His aura ㅎㄷㄷ

— Original Poster

While it’s well-known that RM has a strong stage presence, some Korean netizens were surprised about his off-stage aura, too.

  • “Gotta give it to his physical, I bet that he’s handsome in real life.”
  • “No but I’ve never really thought about him before but recently, I find him handsome? I’m not joking… I get that people have prejudices about him but I’m seriously not joking and I find him handsome; he kinda gives me the adult vibes? Also, he’s so tall. I really want to see him in real life ㅠㅠ”
  • “Crazy, is that for real? He looks like a successful lawyer.”
  • “Everyday I think I’ll stop liking him now because he looks a bit strange but everyday I love him more.”
  • I think it depends on how he’s framed in the picture, sometimes I think Namjoon puts on an ugly frame and is really the opposite – super cool. He’s also always well dressed.”
  • “My mom saw Bangtan and the first thing she said was Namjoon is the most handsome.”
  • Honestly, I think he is really handsome these days. But in the old videos he looked a bit strange and not as attractive.”
  • “He looks like a powerful businessman!”

Of course, other netizens were not surprised at all and welcomed these new Namjoon stans to the party!

  • “I like his dimples, his strong mentality, his sense of responsibility, his fashion sense, his brain and his composition skills. He’s so sweet… He’s a fraud in my standards… I like him so much.”
  • “Yesssss for the Namjoon love. He’s seriously so handsome and has an amazing aura.”
  • “He’s aging like fine wine.”
  • “Joon just radiates FINE energy. He doesn’t need a typical conventionally attractive face, he’s got such a powerfully attractive aura.”

Many are saying that he’s always been attractive because he’s real.

  • “Of course, he’s famous for being real. He doesn’t hide or change himself.”
  • “Even when he debuted and he had strange bomb-like hair imo I still don’t think I would want anything different because it was real.”
  • “It always depends on a person’s personal preference, but he is the most shocking member to ever see. The height and proportions and his aura combined are truly overwhelming. If you combine that with the warmth of his eyes, his smile, dimples and his gentle voice, you’ll definitely be confused.”

Whether Koreans are just realizing RM’s attractiveness now, or have already been fans of his visuals, aura, talent and personality, it seems like RM is getting nothing but praise as BTS continues to dominate the charts.