Koreans Claim Chungha’s Bare Face Is Considerably The Most Beautiful One In K-Pop

Chungha reveals her night skincare routine and it was her face that grabbed everyone’s attention, not her make up!

On “Take Care of My Make Up Table 3”, Chungha was invited as a guest and she self-filmed a small segment of her routine.

She said that she preferred a bare face than to have to put makeup on.


Kim Kee Soo, one of the makeup artist panel was shocked by how beautiful and pure Chungha looked without her make up on.

“Do you even have any pores? How can you have such nice skin?!!!!”

— Kim Kee Soo


Another panel was so jealous of Chungha when it was shown that a face mask was way too big for her tiny and pretty face.


Fans are dying to have the full detail of all of Chungha’s skincare routine by the way her beauty is so well kept.

Check out her night routine video here!

Source: Nate