Koreans Claim This Is How You Should Dress For A Blind Date

There is one lucky color that simply might do the trick!

The biggest question on the night before a blind date is, of course, what do you wear? Well, behold. The answer is – wear black.

Based on a recent survey done on an online dating site, black is the most preferred color to see on the partner on a blind date.


Both male and female find black sexy. So when the date shows up dressed in black, it could help spark up the chemistry!

Since all-black is classy and easy to throw together, if unsure, simply go with whatever is black. Add in different textures and the look is complete!


Or try mixing in some colors! Black looks great with almost anything, so the possibilities are limitless. Black & white is often a safe bet!


In addition to the color, the survey found out that there are specific items that blind dates look for in each other. Male survey participants have answered they find high heels attractive.


Female survey participants have answered they find dress shirts attractive.


Keep in mind the no-gos:

  • No wrinkled up clothes

  • No PJ-style overly casual outfits

  • No socks with sandals!?


There you have it, may the force be with you on your next date!

Source: Dispatch