Koreans Claim YG Entertainment Is Neglecting Rosé And Jisoo In Favor Of Jennie And Lisa

They think Jennie and Lisa have more ads.

BLACKPINK is arguably one of the biggest girl groups in K-Pop history, but some believe there is a popularity disparity between the members.

On March 4, a hot topic on Korean social media was the apparent lack of promotions for members Rosé and Jisoo in comparison to Jennie and Lisa.

A fan compiled a few of Jennie and Lisa’s advertisements around Seoul and noted how they can be found “everywhere”.

Jennie has modeled for brands Calvin Klein, Hera, and Samsung, to name a few. Businesses are reportedly attracted to her chic and cool image.

A few of the brands Lisa has modeled for are Samsung, AIS, and Moonshot. She is known for her widespread popularity in Southeast Asia.

In comparison, some Korean netizens claim that Rosé and Jisoo have significantly fewer advertisements around Seoul and are therefore not being treated as well as the other two.

Seriously, I don’t understand why they hide Jisoo’s visuals and Rose’s voice like that.
If I was Yang Hyun Suk, I would treat Rosé well…She’s kind, good at singing, dancing, pretty and has a nice body…

– Korean Netizens

Do you agree with their claims?

Source: Nate