Koreans Are Convinced These Close Friends Are Secretly In Love, After Seeing Their Kiss Scenes

“They’re even making my heart flutter.”

Korean netizens are convinced that Ryu Hye Young and Go Kyung Pyo are secretly in love.


The two actors starred in the popular drama series Reply 1988 where they played two characters who fall in love with each other.


In the drama, they were involved in numerous kissing scenes which looked so real that some netizens truly believe they are in love with each other.


When watching these kissing scenes, it’s not hard to see why netizens believe so.


The two actors are in fact very good friends in real life. When they met during the script reading of Reply 1988 for the first time, they were shocked to see each other and it was obvious that they were very close.


When they found out that they would be involved in a romantic relationship in the drama, both actors became a little awkward despite their close friendship and even seemed a bit embarrassed.


The two actors have such a good relationship that they apparently talked about staying good friends because they would no longer be able to see each other if they decided to date and then break up.


As a result of their close bond and heart-fluttering kissing scenes, netizens are sure they are in love.

  • “Not dating because they’re afraid they won’t see each other if they break up means they like each other but are afraid of growing apart…You don’t say something like that unless you have feelings for each other.”
  • “It’s pretty funny in a way. It shows that they held back their desire to kiss and then let it go for the shoot so they can make an excuse and say it was acting.”
  • “Their kissing scene feels like they’re giving it everything they’ve got using the kissing scene as an excuse.”
  • “That means they like each other more than a girlfriend/boyfriend lol they’re afraid they might break up, but it’s no big deal if they break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend lol.”
  • “They’re even making my heart flutter.”


The two have apparently been close friends for 12 years and treat each other like brother and sister.

Source: Pann Nate