Koreans Create The Most Beautiful Women Ever By Combining Actresses’ Faces

A recent Korean survey revealed which what the general public consider a beautiful face and if you have the eyes of Kim Tae hee, the nose of Han Ga in, and the lips of Song Hye kyo, you’re golden!

Source: Dispatch

The cross-sectional survey was conducted by industry experts, and 290 Korean people were asked about which facial features were the most beautiful by rating some of the most popular Korean female celebrities.

According to the survey, Kim Tae Hee was voted to be the most attractive all around, followed by Jun Ji hyun and Song Hye Kyo.

When asked about facial features, Kim Tae Hee once again was deemed to have the most beautiful eyes, skin, and face shape.

Han Ga in was considered to have the most beautiful nose with over 42% of the votes.

Koreans also believe that Song Hye kyo has the most attractive lips with 26% of the votes.

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An interesting factor is that while 93 percent of medical professionals thought harmony between the eyes, nose, and lips was the most crucial element of a beautiful face, 96% of the general public voted the ‘lavishing and clear skin’ is the most important factor in beauty.

Source: Dispatch