Koreans Discover How Popular BTS is Internationally

Big Hit Entertainment‘s male group, BTS, has really become a top group both domestically and internationally.

For the upcoming 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour stop in Brazil, the seven thousand concert tickets that were available sold out in an instant, proving BTS’ popularity overseas. But with over 50,000 eager fans having waited to purchase tickets to no avail, thousands flocked to Twitter to express their anger.

In addition to expressing their frustration on social media, many even contacted the ticketing company and demanding more tickets. As news of Brazilian fans’ overwhelming demand for more tickets spread online, it eventually became a trending topic on Twitter and among Korean ARMYs.

Upon finding out that BTS’ popularity is worldwide, Korean fans expressed their surprise at how popular BTS is overseas. The hashtag #t4fRespectArmy was tweeted almost 20,000 times.

BTS trends worldwide!! / Source: Nate

Many of Korean fans have commented on how shocked they were upon realizing the growth of BTS across the globe.

In these videos, BTS is performing in Hong Kong for the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards. When the camera showed the crowd, you can see that the majority of them are holding BTS’ light sticks. The camera angle showed a dark stage, but many of the light sticks were on and helped to fill up the whole arena. This really helps to show their popularity outside of Korea!

Source: Pann