Koreans Randomly Broke Out Into This Epic “Lion King” Cover At A Local South African Restaurant

And the results were pure Disney magic.

Music is a universal language that everyone can understand. Perhaps that’s why the whole world is in love with an impromptu “Lion King” performance by a group of South Korean diners in South Africa.


The epic moment started when an employee at a restaurant in South Africa handed over a traditional djembe drum to one of the diners who then played a few beats, much to everyone’s delight.


Then a few moments later the real magic happened. After the few beats, the other South Korean diners began to hum a very familiar tune. Then one of them belts out the iconic first words to “Circle of Life” from the beloved Disney classic “The Lion King”.


And things only got better from there! The whole group began to sing in earnest to the song and poured their hearts into the performance.


The rest of the diners and employees were moved by the sudden outburst and sang and danced along with them.


Although the performance was spur of the moment, the group of singers wasn’t just a random group of talented individuals. They are actually a choir called Harmonize who were in South Africa for the World Choir Games in Tshwane.


Their performance at the games won them first place in the Pop Ensemble category and they took home second place in the Show Choir category.


But even knowing that the group of diners are really professionals, doesn’t stop people from loving their epic dinner performance. A video of it was posted not too long ago and has gone viral with almost 2 million views!


The post is fittingly captioned with “Even if language does not work, everyone becomes one with music” and truer words have never been said. Now, check out the magical and jaw-dropping performance below!