Koreans Fans Have A Battle To Figure Out Who K-Pop’s Biggest Crybaby Is

One online community user recently asked fellow netizens to upload gifs and photos of their favorite idols crying.

Soon, netizens began commenting with gifs, and people voted for the best comments. Check out which idols K-pop fans think are the most beautiful crybabies!

1. BTS’s Jin

2. EXO’s Suho, Baekhyun, Kai

3. EXO’s Xiumin

4. NCT’s Taeyong

5. BTS’s V

6. BTS’s Jungkook

7. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

8. iKON’s B.I

9. Wanna One’s Woojin

10. Wanna One’s Jihoon

11. Wanna One’s Jinyoung

12. Wanna One’s Jisung

13. Wanna One’s Minhyun

14. WINNER’s Mino

Source: Dispatch