Koreans Fell In Love With This Rookie Idols Video On Kwai, And Realized He Was A Dude

Korean netizens fell in love with this rookie idol’s video on Kwai and were stunned to find out that this rookie was actually a guy.

Woosu, a member of IZ uploaded a Kwai video of him dressed as a girl.


In the video, he is wearing a makeup,  a wig and a blouse with a big ribbon at the front.


He parodied a famous scene from KBS’s Fight for My Way, where Kim Ji Won shows off her killer aegyo.

Netizens loved this rookie idol’s adorable aegyo and ‘her’ beautiful smile.


No one doubted his gender thinking he is a girl until it was revealed that he was actually a male idol.

Netizens were shocked to find out who they thought was a female rookie idol is actually a guy.

However, there is no disappointment among netizens since Woosu looks even cuter without the wigs!

Checkout the full video of IZ’s Woosu down below.