Koreans Give Their Honest Opinions If K-Pop Idols Should Be Allowed To Date

“Love is not a crime”.

K-Pop idols dating has always been a sensitive topic, to the point that dating is looked like a “scandal”. A YouTube channel called Asian Boss interviewed Korean citizens and asked for their opinions if it’s okay for idols to date.

There were lots of mixed reactions. Some of the people thought it was fine for idols to be dating.

Others gave their opinions on why idols shouldn’t date. That dating can be seen as “deception” towards their fans and that they would have been lying to their fans the whole time.

There were even suggestions of better ways for idols to date, such as being honest and upfront with it.

Some people interviewed even admitted they had a crush on their favorite idols and gave mixed reactions on how they would react. Some went towards the route of being unsupportive.

While others would be more supportive of them if they were truly happy and found a good person to date.

Some Koreans couldn’t even understand the taboo against idols dating and why fans would be so against it.

A couple of Koreans even thought of reasons as to why fans are so delusional towards their idols and against dating.

One suggestion was even that idols are seen as fantasies for fans and that it “tricks” fans into thinking they have the right towards them and that they can date them.

Watch the full video below.