Koreans Give Their Opinions On Online Hate Comments

“Close friends of mine, they’ll still write hateful comments at times”.

Korea has had an issue with negative online comments and haters. These types of comments can be extremely harmful to the person receiving those comments and can cause problems like lowered self-esteem. A YouTube channel named Asian Boss interviewed a few Koreans and asked for their opinions regarding online hate comments.

Online hate comments have spread to all online platforms. It’s no longer just restricted to things like social media, hater comments are now becoming a common thing all over the internet.

The problem is so bad that some even gave some solutions on how they would personally fix the problem. The interviewees acknowledge how big of an issue online hate comments have become and think something needs to be done.

Hate comments aren’t just restricted to anonymous people and online “trolls”, it can even be people you’re close to that could leave hateful comments.

There are some possible explanations of how online hate comments have become so common. A possible reason is due to the Korean school system not teaching teamwork and just emphasizing getting “correct” answers and to work independently for your own best result.

Many Koreans conclude by acknowledging this problem and thinking of ways to improve it in the future.

Here is the full video below!