Koreans Are Going Absolutely Nuts Over Red Velvet Joy’s Visuals On Recent Stage

Joy’s graced her fans with her beauty on countless memorable occasions.

Her style stands out even in K-Pop and has inspired love for Red Velvet.

Joy’s gorgeousness has, in fact, been pointed to as a contender for the next “It” girl status.

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But during her recent appearance, Joy overkilled with her glamour and beauty!

Joy appeared in a glittering black velvet dress at the SBS’s “With Friends” concert.

She was so beautiful and picture perfect that netizens and fans alike have dubbed her the dancing doll!

She was perfect from top to bottom: glowing beauty, flawless skin, impeccable style, and legs for days.

Watching Joy, there’s no doubt that her fans’ love for her will continue to grow!

Source: Dispatch