Koreans Imagine How BTS’s Different Personalities Would Deal With A Messy Refund And It’s So On Point

We can almost hear their voices…

BTS have such unique personalities that really set the members apart from each other. These traits show in the way they approach different situations on stage, in life – even as fictional characters in BTS World – and for that, fans love the individual quirkiness that BTS members bring to the group. Here’s how Korean netizens imagined BTS members, with their different personalities, would deal with an awkward refund situation – and it’s so on point it has all ARMYs nodding along!

1. Jin

Jin would stop by the store on his way to somewhere else. He would politely greet the workers then proceed to explain in detail why he needs a refund. If things don’t look good and he feels like he won’t be getting a refund, then he would immediately apologize for being extra and ask for an exchange instead. Soon, the worker, who is moved by Jin’s manners and visuals, would offer to grant his refund anyway. Jin will thank the worker and return home with a successful refund. When Jungkook asks Jin how the refund went, Jin would most likely answer that he got the money back thanks to his worldwide handsomeness.

2. RM

RM would continue to forget to grab the item that he needs refunded. After a couple tries, he will get frustrated with himself – then RM will move on to ask Suga if he wants the item. When Suga turns down the offer, RM will finally leave the house to get that refund. He won’t have any problems with the refund itself – because he will explain the reasons he needs a refund in full detail. On his way back from the refund, RM will most likely stop by the Han River and watch the sunset.

3. Suga

Suga will look up the refund policy and any rules related to the refund process. Once he believes he will be successful at getting the refund, he will go and get it done without anyone else noticing. But if he believes he won’t be getting his money back, he is most likely going to sell it to one of the members — excluding Jin.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope will talk about the refund and his need to get a refund for three days. He will continue to ask the members if they think getting a refund seems reasonable. He will think the refund is impossible, then question the members again for their opinions, and convince himself to he needs it – all until RM or Suga tells him to just go get it done. When he gets to the store, J-Hope will cautiously approach the worker and ask in the most concerned tone of voice if the refund would be possible. When the worker lets him take his money back, J-Hope will then brighten up, rush home, and let everyone else know that the refund is super easy and doable.

5. V

V will most likely not think to get a refund. Instead, he would probably offer it to one of the members. But once the members urge him to try getting his money back, V will swing by the store and pretend to adult. Of course, he will say things like ‘I’m here to have a refund’ or some other Tae-tae alien language. If the worker tells him he can’t get a refund, he’ll give up immediately and turn around to leave. When the worker changes his/her mind and processes his refund, V will look around the store and find something else that he likes. He will end up buying a bunch of things, bringing home more than what he had left with.

6. Jimin

Jimin will run through the entire refund process in his head. He will prepare all the reasons he should be granted the refund and practice it before going over to get the refund. Once he arrives at the store, Jimin will tell the worker everything he had thought up to say to justify his request for a refund. And then, he will hesitate for a bit before asking the worker if he’d be getting his money back. The worker would probably end up giving Jimin a refund because of the cuteness attack. Jimin will thank the worker at least 5 times before returning home with his money back. And when the members ask him how it went, he will shyly say he was successful.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook will most likely not go get a refund. He’ll either make the item work for him or just leave it lying around somewhere.


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