Koreans Are In Love With Jennie’s Perfect Body Line

Jennie’s superior body is the talk of the town.

BLACKPINK appeared at the “Water Night at Sprite Island” Festival in Seoul on July 21st as ambassadors for the brand – and now Korean netizens can’t get over how perfect Jennie‘s body line is!


Her body was emphasized by jean shorts, heels and an off-the-shoulder fitted midriff top that showed off her curves.


Her tiny waist and long legs were on display and she looked effortlessly beautiful.


Every movement was pretty, even running her fingers through her hair…


Spraying a water gun at her fellow members…


…and even getting saturated!


Koreans are amazed that every single photo of Jennie taken at the event – and afterwards – is beautiful.

“Her body really is amazing.”

“Jenny’s body line is perfect and her face is pretty too… and she has a great personality. I’m so jealous, she’s the perfect package.”

“She’s so pretty it’s a bit scary.”

“Jenny seems tall and in great shape. But she actually looks smaller now that I look closer!”


Media photos show all four girls looking beautiful and some netizens are reminding others that Jisoo, Rose and Lisa deserve praise too.

“Not only Jenny, but all four of them are in great shape…Be ready, they’re about to go viral!”

“Jisoo, Rose and Lisa are also pretty. Don’t you always feel like they get buried by Jenny? Personally, I think Jenny is a good dresser and her real body figure is very pretty. But Lisa has a thin and sturdy line that shines when she dances and the others have their unique merits too. I hope the three members get many compliments as well.”


“Jennie Sprite” and “BLACKPINK” are the top trending searches in Korea right now thanks to their appearance!


All four girls blew Koreans out of the water with their visuals and talent when they teamed up with hunk Woo Do Hwan:

Source: Nate Pann (1) and (2)