Koreans Have Mixed Opinions After Seeing How EXO’s Chanyeol and Baekhyun Promoted SHINee’s Comeback

One picture started all this.

Some Koreans are unhappy after seeing how labelmates EXO‘s Chanyeol and Baekhyun promoted SHINee‘s latest comeback The Story of Light, while others are saying this should not be a big deal at all.


It all started with EXO’s manager Bang Jinwook posting about SHINee’s new song.

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Baekhyun then posted about SHINee’s comeback as well, shortly followed by Chanyeol

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The thing that caused tension is that the picture used by all 3 looks to be the exact same.


Some people are criticizing EXO for their insincerity towards their agency seniors.

  • “These 2 are making it obvious the agency made them do it”
  • “If they used pictures with different timestamps, this wouldn’t have happened. The issues is that they copy/pasted the same picture.”
  • “The manager got caught. It’s obvious the manager told them to do this.”
  • “SHINee must feel bad now. They worked so hard on this comeback to have their juniors make it obvious with their ‘promotions’.”


However others are saying this is becoming too much of an issue and shouldn’t have blown up in the first place.

  • “It’s just like a company asking their employee to promote something. There’s no reason to scrutinize the time [the song] is at. All they are doing is promoting the song.”
  • “Why can’t they promote the song? With all of their followers, they want to let them know that SHINee has made a comeback. What’s wrong with that? They aren’t forced to do it, they don’t have to. SHINee are their seniors and they’re promoting them. Why does it matter that they used the same picture?”
  • “EXO and SHINee member are super close with each other… there’s no reason to start something like this.”
  • “We are grateful that EXO chose to promote SHINee’s comeback.”