Koreans Name The Most “Passionate” Idols In The Industry

Passion for the stage is important for an idol’s long-term career, and, according to Korean netizens, not all idols have it.

A Korean netizen pointed out on a community forum that idols need passion for the stage in order to succeed long-term in the K-Pop industry.

“If you look at groups that have been around a long time with a strong fandom, they look like they enjoy dancing and singing on the stage, no matter how hard it must be. Even if it’s hard, it doesn’t seem to be because they love the stage. You have to truly enjoy the stage in the long-run to be successful, right?” — Original Poster


Netizens not only agreed, but gave reasons for why it’s only fun to stan hard-working, passionate idols.

  • “This is true. Once an idol loses their passion for stage, it’s the end for them. At the end, the fans also get tired.”
  • “Stanning is fun only when it’s a hard-working idol.”
  • “Once they stop wanting to do better, it’s the end.”
  • “Visuals aside, the main essence is the stage. Idols shine on the stage and visuals are only a supporting factor. What’s the point of having nothing but a shining visual?”
  • “Even 10-year fans get disappointed when their idol half-asses on the stage ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Working hard for the stage is a right manner for the fans.”
  • “A lot of stans leave their fandoms because their idols put less efforts into the stage. It can be more critical than dating rumors ㅋㅋ”
  • “Yes and they also have to be thankful… Once they get used to the fans’ love and take it for granted, it’s the end.”


And began naming the idols they think exemplified this.

  • “Yes. Yunho is already a legend but on I Live Alone, he danced as soon as he got up and worked hard for the stage. I learned people like him are bound to succeed.”
  • “This reminded me of BIGBANG, Winner, and BTOB.”
  • “I dislike BIGBANG but this post reminded me of BIGBANG. At their concerts, none of the songs are the same as the digital versions because every song has adlibs and edits.”
  • “Of course they need it. I left one of my biggest fandom bcs I feel they’re just some exhausted robots on stage. My oldest fandom (in K-pop) still TVXQ and SHINee tho.”
  • “Watching TVXQ live is really really something else. Both of them are just so passionate and dedicated to their craft – Like I know they’ll get better with time but third gen idols really pale in comparison, especially in the dance department. Those two gentlemen are just giving their all, every time.”
  • “Reminds me of BTS, they’re such passionate kids and it’s also touching to see them rise from bottom, even though they still have a long way to go.”
  • “11 years in and Girls’ Generation know how to enjoy on stage.”


For Korean netizens, it seems like second generation idols take the cake in terms of “passion” on stage, but third gen still have time to find their groove!

Source: Pann Nate