Koreans recreate La La Land’s famous tap dance scene

Two Korean musical actors released a beautiful rendition of La La Land‘s iconic tap dance sequence, filmed in Seoul at Naksan Park.

The production was uploaded on YouTube on March 3 and instantly gained positive attention for how simply stunning it is.

The two dancers seen in the video, Lee Sang Yi and Park Ji Eun, practiced together for only five weeks before filming their performance. The beautiful dance sequence from La La Land has quickly become a favorite amongst fans of the movie and this rendition is just as breathtaking.

The dancers not only showcase their amazing talents but also how truly captivating Seoul’s night view can be. The video “A lovely night in Seoul” was filmed at Naksan Park located directly behind Seoul’s theater district, Daehangno.

Check out this Korean version of La La Land’s choreography below:

Lee Sang Yi is currently rehearsing for a new play Mad Kiss, opening on April 11 at the Daehakno TOM Theater.

Source: The Korea Times