Korean Teens Reveal How They Act When They Have A Crush On Someone

These teens have loads of experience to share!

A Korean teen admitted on a community forum that they had a crush but were too scared to do anything about it, and wondered how other teens acted around their crushes.


Most teens admitted that like the original poster they had never gathered up the courage to confess.

  • “I get so nervous in front of him that I can’t say anything or do anything, just continue staring.”
  • “I can’t even talk to my crush….And if I like them once, I’ll like them forever until something changes.”
  • “I try really hard to time it so I get to talk to them, but if we were to date I think it would end in tears. I fail every time I have a crush so I just like them alone.”
  • “We were close but I couldn’t ever confess so I just liked him on my own for months. Then I gave up.”
  • “I didn’t think he liked me back, so I stopped liking him.”


Some tried to avoid the situation…just smile and ignore the pain.

  • “When I realized that I had a crush on him, I started to avoid him and would try to escape from meeting him so I couldn’t be found out. So I ended up distancing myself….But now I like him even more. I liked him in elementary school and now I’m in middle school and I still like him.”
  • “I don’t tell anyone, not even my close friends. My style is to just look alone and never express it.”
  • “Just keep them as a friend… although now as I’m writing this I don’t think I like them anymore.”


But others had a more go-get-em attitude.

  • “Why do so many people say they can’t do anything but watch? If I like someone I contact them and tell them.”
  • “I like gossip… I don’t mean it intentionally, but if my crush asks me who I like, I tell them I have a boyfriend so that there are rumors that someone else likes me.”


Unfortunately, there seemed to be a lot of regret, so maybe the message is to go for it!

  • “Continue resisting it and then later regret it.”
  • “I tried to make contact somehow and become familiar with them, but I’m timid and too scared to approach them directly. But from the moment I knew it I fell really hard for them and wasn’t able to forget it for years. When I like someone I like them too much and can’t get rid of those feelings.”


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