Koreans Reveal How They’ve Been Dealing With The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Lots of precautious and positive thoughts.

South Korean has been largely affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) and is one of the most affected places in the world. A YouTube channel by the name of “Asian Boss” decided to interview some Koreans and how the coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected their lives. Many of the Korean citizens reveal that there have been lots of cautious actions taken to deal with the situation, such as companies allowing employees to work from home.

Some of the citizens revealed that while everyone is being cautious, their daily lives haven’t been affected too greatly. The main aspect that has been affected is when they need to go outside.

Some citizens expressed how the coronavirus (COVID-19) damaged their businesses, such as sales dropping due to people not going out.

Others expressed the difficulty of buying daily necessities, and how it’s better to buy things online now.

There’s also been a rise in price for sanitation products, which could cause difficulties for many people.

The citizens also expressed how the people of Korea are taking the necessary steps to stay safe, such as wearing a mask and washing their hands thoroughly.

Masks have also been difficult to obtain for Korean citizens due to the high demand and price increase.

The citizens also express their wishes for those who are sick, to be honest with themselves. That they shouldn’t just be thinking about themselves individually, but also how they can affect those around them.

The interviewees conclude by wanting viewers to know that the country and people are taking all the necessary precautionary steps.

Korean citizens don’t want other people to be too worried about their situation, and that the country is doing its best to stand up against this problem.

Here is the full video below.