Koreans Take Notice Of 13-Year-Old Japanese Racing Model

She may be the youngest race queen, but she knows exactly what she’s doing!

When 13-year-old Momoka Kurita appeared as a racing model at the Japanese motor show, Koreans (and racing fans worldwide) got into a heated debate about whether she’s too young or not.


Momoka Kurita, who was crowned the “Race Queen” at this bike race event, is a middle school student.

At the event, she received spotlight for her cute face and slim body.


Koreans are concerned that she is too young to be a racing model and that the industry is going to ruin her childhood.

  • “Stop robbing the girl of her childhood.”
  • “What’s good about dressing up a girl as an adult?”
  • “I bet her parents make her do this for money.”


To the voices of concern, Momoka Kurita stated, “I do it because I want to.”


Momoka Kurita is also a model and dancer.

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Source: Dispatch
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