Here Are Koreans Thoughts Regarding K-Pop Award Shows And Fans Fighting

“Rather than fighting, they need to respect each other”.

K-Pop award shows can be one of the biggest events for K-Pop fans. They are usually held at the end of the year and many artists can get rewarded for their year-long work. There have also been situations where some fans feel their artist got “robbed” or should have received a certain award. A YouTube channel named DKDKTV interviewed some Koreans on their thoughts on these award shows.

Some thought that the whole fan voting process is unfair because the reward show only gives awards based on popularity. Others didn’t mind this and thought that this idea is fair.

Some interviewees explained that they don’t actually vote prior to the award shows. That it’s not a big deal to them to vote and they’re too lazy to vote.

Winning or losing an award didn’t appear to be a big deal to the interviewees as they looked at the situation positively if their favorite artist won or lost.

The age of fans or viewers also can play a role in how much a person might be affected by award-shows. That older people aren’t as invested as younger people.

Fans fighting was also a weird concept/idea for the interviewees as they couldn’t understand why fans would fight over this. That there’s always a positive outlook on every situation and that fans could just work harder the next year.

Watch the full video below!