Koreans Think That This Will Become The Next Trend After “Idol Coats”

Recently, Koreaboo examined the trend of long padding coats among Korean celebrities, followed by the public frenzy.

Korean Fans Begging Parents To Buy Them “Idol Coats” aka Long Padding Coats

Now the netizens are suggesting the next ‘it’ item for the winter, the insulated monosuit that will keep them warm all winter long.

The onesie has no pockets around, so it might be a bit difficult to carry personal belongings without a bag.

This monosuit is designed to resist the deep cold weather and is endurable up to 8000 ft, making it a popular suit item for mountaineers.

“You will not get hurt even if you fall wearing this suit”

“How can you go to the bathroom? would you be taking it all off, and then wear it again after? “

“wow, it would make funny noises whenever I will sit down”

“This looks so warm, but it will take so long to get it together in the bathroom”



Although many fans treated this idea as a harmless joke, some may actually believe that this will be the next trend among the Koreans.

“Long padding is a trend-sensitive item, so by next year, they will be gone”

“I don’t want to wear them personally, but I think this will look pretty fun!”

“I wanted to buy this for a while, but I was not sure what the name of the padding was… so what is this coat’s name? “

“The outfit looks like the Iron Man suit”

“If the suit can be unzipped around the waistline, it would be useful. If this becomes the next big trend, I intend to wear them!”

— Netizens reaction from Instiz



Source: Instiz

They also believe that the full monosuit often referred to as ‘Ski wear’ would be suitable for South Korea’s brutal sub-zero temperature during the winter time.

The weather is terrible on my way back. 

I am wearing a goosedown padding and my legs are still freezing, should I wear a ski wear onesie? “

The onesies are not hugely popular yet, but with the winter full blown in Korea for a few months now, the warm and utilizing endurance of the monosuit is appealing to many.

Source: Newsis

Many netizens joked around that it would only take G-Dragon to wear this once, and be photographed, as he is a renowned trendsetter among Korean celebrities.

“Please Jiyong, wear this suit and a bomber hat with it! “

– “2222”

-“333 please!”

-“44 please do it once!”


-“6666 please~~~~”

Source: Instiz

Fans already know that if anyone can pull this off, it would be none other than G-Dragon, given his extensive knowledge on fashion industry and his innovative fashion style

Source: @xxxibgdrgn

One that remains the same is that whether they wear the long coat padding or this soon to be trendy monosuit, the fans just want them to stay warm and healthy.

Source: Newsis

Source: Instiz