Koreans Touched By The Sad Story Of This “Mix Nine” Trainee And Her Parents

She has the style, rapping and dancing skills more than any trainee can ask for it. 

In fact, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk and CL were more than impressed with her audition. 

It even left some of her fellow trainees gobsmacked with her rap and dance piece.

However, trainee Jung Sara (Sarada) caught interest with this heartwarming tale about her parents. 

One interesting fact was that both of her parents are hearing-impaired and Sara learned sign language so she can communicate with them. 

Part of her drive to become an idol is that she can gain influence and raise awareness for people living with disabilities. 

It seems her talents and sincere tale got the hearts of the judges… 

And she gets picked to be Base Camp’s trainee for Mix Nine.